10 Great Posts on Christian Singleness, Love and Marriage

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I hope that you are all well. As you all know, I love to read and learn and I am interested in all things God. The Bible, its history, love, singleness, the institution of marriage, worship, character, spiritual gifts and so much more. I spend much of my free time exploring what Christian authors have to say about these topics. This post features 10 of my favorite blog posts and articles about singleness, love, courtship, dating and marriage. What I especially love about everything I’ve shared here is that they are God-centered, not emotion-based. Each writer has a Godly perspective on their work’s topic and to me, that is very important. Love is God, God is love and whenever we consider love and any of the institutions of it, God should always be at the center. Also, more than half of these articles were passed on to me by Jeida, so I couldn’t dare share them all without giving her a shout out lol. But anyway, I hope that you find everything here useful and thought-provoking. Ready…go! 🙂


What If The One Never Comes by Sharona Drake at Paradime Women

I’m Saved, So Why Am I Single? by Jeida Storey at Destiny Collisions

Courtship/Dating/Marriage Preparation

We Can Be Friends by Mrs. Rich at The Good Life

True Love Does More Than Just Wait by Claire and Eli at Relevant Magazine

10 Ways to Be Marriable by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin at Boundless Webzine


You Never Marry the Right Person by Timothy Keller at Relevant Magazine

The Story of Ian & Larissa by John Piper at Desiring God (be sure to watch the short video as well)

Five Things Every Successful Marriage Has To Have by Perry Noble at PerryNoble.com


Settling by Scott Craft at Boundless Webzine

Man Enough To Love A Real Woman by Joshua Rogers at Boundless Webzine

I hope that these articles and blog posts get you thinking and are a blessing to you. If you want to talk about anything you read, feel free to comment below!

Also, below I’ve posted links to FREE books and booklets about the aforementioned topics. They are yours to download and learn from.


A Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well
A Guy’s Guide to Marrying Well
This Momentary Marriage
Preparing for Marriage: Help for Christian Couples
Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

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3 Replies to “10 Great Posts on Christian Singleness, Love and Marriage”

  1. Greetings My Sister,

    We don’t know each other personally, but I follow you on Twitter. I wanted to leave a comment to compliment you on the ability to capture my interest in reading your blog post on this subject (also one of my favorites to discuss).

    I am an Associate Pastor from Philadelphia, PA and a reasonably successful Business Owner! I travel quite a bit (both nationally & internationally) as a Marketing Consultant for The American Cancer Society & Doctors Without Boarders, but my expertise is Community Crisis Intervention. The name of my company is Amazing Impact, LLC and I pride myself as being an innovator in the industry of Prevention Services (especially violence & addiction issues).

    Your blog offered the kind of thought-provoking material that fuels many of my personal and professional discussions. I applaud you for content and endorsement of other writtings that add to your own appreciation for the subject. Its very refreshing!

    I too have a blog! I’m NOT interested in advertising it in this response, however, for fear of taking facus from your own blog. This notwithstanding, I completed a study on “The Virtuous Woman”, “The Power of Friendship” & “The Power of Anger” that ALL were motivated by “romantic relationship” discussions. As I said, I follow you on Twitter, but I’m NOT the kind of Twitter user who asks others to “follow me back” (its simply not that important to me).

    Oh well, I’ve said enough. I really just wanted to compliment you on a really healthy blog! God bless you & I trust you will continue to live your life in a very large and spiritually rewarding way! Take care!


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