Godly Men

Hello friends,

Today, I am feeling completely compelled to write about why I love men who love Jesus. In my own life, I’ve been blessed to meet more men who wholeheartedly love Christ and I am so thankful for their presence. Please forgive me for the lack of cohesiveness found in this post. This post comes straight from my heart.

There’s something special about a man who surrenders His life to Christ. Something beautiful, captivating and lovely. I know that there are all words that one would not generally use to describe men, but they are powerful words that describe something that few words can, so  to me they are fitting.

Men who love Christ are peculiar. They are the opposite of everything the world portrays as manly. These men are those that will protect you, care for you, look out for the best interests of those around them and use self-control. They value you for heart and your brain, and not just your shape. They are loving, prayerful and fair. Their love for Christ spills out into their love for others and it’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by men like this.

I love men who love Jesus because when I’m with them, I know that I’m safe. I know that if I need them, they’re coming to help me. I also know that if I need prayer, they’ll do that for me. Even deeper than that, they want to please Christ and encourage you to do the same. They are the ones who will encourage you to read your Bible, pray, study the Word and stay faithful to God.

When I think of Christian men, I think of Joseph, who was sold by his brothers into slavery, thrown into dark dungeons, offered sex by a woman who was married and ran, then later served in Egypt and helped save thousands of lives from hunger.

I think of Abraham, who walked when God told him to go to a place that He would show him and who served as the father of a great nation.

I think of David, who served God in his youth, lead the Lord’s people and although he sinned, he repented and moved forward. He also supremely loved God more than anything in life.

I think of men who marry, stay faithful & sacrificially love their wives, disciple their kids and provide for their families. Men who serve their churches and communities faithfully, as serving the Lord.

I think of the pastors who visit the members in times of need, keep their churches running, love their families and have a burning desire to see souls saved.

I think of young adult men, who choose to stand up for right even when their friends around them choose the way of the world.

I think of men who mentor and care for young children without fathers.

I think of men who love God more than anything else.

Men of God, I know that we (women) are hard on you sometimes, but it’s only because we know how dynamic you can be for God. We know that you can literally set the world on fire for Him. We want you to lead us. We want you to be men of character and integrity. We want to look at you and see Jesus’ reflection.

But more than anything, I encourage you. I encourage you to keep trusting God, keep following Him and to dig deeper. Seek Him more than you seek a wife. Seek Him more than you seek a career. Draw nigh to Him and He’ll draw nigh to you. Even if that means you have to be different, it’s okay. Great men usually had to separate from the crowd. Anyways, thank you for loving God. It encourages us to love Him more too.


A Thankful Christian Sister

The greatest want of the world is the want of men-men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. -Ellen White

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  1. Yeah! They’re the greatest creation in my eyes. They’re awe-inspiring. I love the ones in my life, too. I’m blessed to know them and to draw nearer to God through them. One time for amazing men.

  2. Yeah! They’re the greatest creation in my eyes. They’re awe-inspiring. I love the ones in my life, too. I’m blessed to know them and to draw nearer to God through them. One time for amazing men.

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