Religion is the…

Religion is the opposite of the Gospel. Religion is ‘I give God a good life then God rewards me,’ right? The Gospel is ‘God through Jesus Christ gives me a perfect record.’ Jesus comes to live a life I should have lived and die a death I should have died. And then we are accepted right now and we live for Him.

Religion is outside in — ‘If I live a good life, God will come in and bless me.’ The Gospel is inside out. In the Gospel, I receive the acceptance I have because of what Jesus Christ has done and that brings an inner sweetness into my life and that flows out of my life into a life of mercy and justice.

Religion creates people who look down at others. The Gospel, nothing but love and respect with for those with whom we deeply differ.

Religion creates people who only say their prayers and there’s no love and intimacy in their prayer life. The Gospel creates an intimacy in your prayer life. There’s as much adoration and love as there is petition.

Religion creates people who don’t believe that they could do these bad things so you have trouble forgiving. The Gospel creates people who are very forgiving.

Convicting, powerful quote by Tim Keller’s sermon, The Sin Against The Holy Spirit. I highly suggest listening to the sermon. He starts talking about this topic of “religion vs. the gospel” around 1:03:20.


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