5 great resources concerning God’s will, love and marriage

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I wanted to come to you and share a few things that have shaped my view on God’s will, love and marriage. I find that many people my age think of love and marriage as something divinely orchestrated. I’m learning that God guides us, but we must also make choices to make things happen. Here are some of my favorite resources concerning this, as well as other related topics.

1. “Your Plans: God’s Plans” | Timothy Keller

This sermon has been the single most useful resource in helping me to understand God’s will and guidance, as well as how our choices affect our lives. You won’t regret listening to this, but know that you may have to listen to it more than once to completely understand everything. It’s heavy in some senses.

2. “My husband is not my soul mate” | The Art In Life

This blog post comes from a young woman named Hannah who is celebrating her first year of marriage this month. She reflects on some of the ideas about God’s plans that she’s bought into over the years and I love some of the points she brings out. Read it!

3. “Biblical love” | Voddie Baucham

What can I really say about Voddie Baucham? He’s a powerhouse of Biblical wisdom. In this sermon clip, he challenges the lies we’ve bought into concerning love, “falling in love” and the role we play. My favorite quote from this says,

Biblical love is an act of the will accompanied by emotion that leads to action on behalf of its object.

Based on that quote alone, it’s fair to say that this video is great!

4. “A Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well” and “A Guy’s Guide to Marrying Well” | Focus on the Family

These short booklets are so great! They provide useful advice and ideas that young adults should consider concerning love, relationships and marriage. They address topics such as settling, unrealistic standards and more. They are worth digging into!

5. “Singleness -The Biblical Guidelines part 1 & part 2” | Tim & Kathy Keller

This is a great Q&A by Tim & Kathy Keller. They are very honest and open about different aspects of singleness, relationships, marriage and the various benefits of each stage. There are too many good points to pull out so I’ll just let you listen to it.

Some of these are resources that I share often, but I hope that at least one is new to you! Happy listening and reading and I hope that you’ll share with me what you learn or if they were helpful. Also, part 2 of the “Passion and Purity” series is coming to you Wednesday. Be on the lookout!

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