Introducing Passion and Purity: A Blog Series…

Good afternoon friends,

I want to take a moment to share something very exciting that has been in the works for a little while. I love to read and while going through some of my old books, I recently rediscovered the classic Christian book “Passion and Purity” by Elisabeth Elliot. I read the book for the first time about four years ago and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t understand it fully. I picked the book up about a month ago during a trip to a friend’s wedding and I was blown away by Elisabeth Elliot’s character, faith and dedication to not only her own purity, but that of her would-be husband, Jim. I decided then that the lessons in the book should be shared with as many people as possible.


Just when I started to talk about it, one of my great Twitter followers @JaeDooks mentioned that he had read the book as well. After this, I knew that a series must happen! I’ve yet to see topics like purity, love and being obedient to God be explored from both a male and female perspective so I’m very excited to be teaming up with him on this project. Our first posts will be up on Wednesday, July 17th. My thoughts will be on Jovontae’s blog and his will be on mine. So that you don’t miss any of the action, be sure to follow both blogs by e-mail.

I hope that you’ll join us.


3 Replies to “Introducing Passion and Purity: A Blog Series…”

  1. Hi Brittany,
    I was just browsing around today and came across your blog post…I love this topic. Celibacy is not a topic pushed by many but I am a witness that it can be done and it brings true blessings to a marriage; doing it God’s way. I will watch out for the discussions and pitch in with my two cents 🙂
    Be Blessed

    1. JC,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad that you found my blog. And I agree with you! Celibacy, abstinence and other topics surrounding purity are not always popular, but I believe that these discussions need to be had! I so look forward to the series. I look forward to what you’ll share. Thanks again!


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