#LoveSexDating sermon series pt. 4 [soul ties] – Pastor Jeremy Foster

sermon#LoveSexDating sermon series pt. 4

Today, I’ve been listening to the #lovesexdating sermon series by Pastor Jeremy Foster at the429 in Houston! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a series on love & relationships, but whewww! Pastor Jeremy brings the word in this series. He touches on really important topics. I’m currently listening to part 4 where he speaks on soul ties, and the word got so good that I almost threw my laptop. He really breaks things down. Give it a listen here. One of my favorite quotes so far says,

A soul tie is a bond that has become bondage. – Pastor Jeremy

Also, be sure to check back here soon for part 3 of the Passion and Purity blog series. Our posts will be up soon! 🙂

Update: Pastor Jeremy now pastors at Hope City Church. I have updated the link to this post to reflect that.

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  1. “A soul tie is a bond that has become bondage.” oh, c’mon n speak on it, pastor jeremy! tell it like it is lest we beg to go back to bondage just like the children of israel! smh.

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