10 Things I’ll Miss About Living in Pennsylvania

Hey friends,

Usually my posts revolve around heavy topics or thoughts. Today, not so much. I’m packing things up and I can’t help but think about things I’ll miss about living in Pennsylvania. Prior to moving to here last July, I had lived in Georgia since I was a toddler. I lived in one house and only moved to attend college. Moving to another state and region has been an incredible experience for me so in no particular order, here are things I will miss about Pennsylvania being home.

1. WaWa

If you don’t know what WaWa is, just know that it is the convenience store unlike any other. You can pop into WaWa for a gas and get a quesadilla or hoagie made to order. Or a fruit cup. Or a soft pretzel. And so many other yummy things. Although I’ve not frequented WaWa as often as I used to before I became a pescetarian, I will still miss having them in my neighborhood.


2. snowy days (err, sort of)

This winter, my part of the state received over 4 feet of snow. Being that it was my first real experience driving in snow, it was a struggle. Shoveling for over an hour, having to work from home, that time our power went out for 3 days…snow is not necessarily functional, but it makes for beautiful scenery and fresh air. I’ll miss views like this.

3. Kasyn

So, I have a 3-month old nephew that has my heart wrapped around his finger. His name is Kasyn and he’s also my godson. I was completely in love the moment I knew he existed and I prayed for him before he was born. I am sick a little bummed thinking about how I’ll have to go more than 7 days at a time without seeing him, but I know that he’ll meet his favorite aunt on Skype whenever I give his mom a call. 😉
20140708-191843-69523826.jpg4. random family gatherings

Having grown up 800 miles away from most of my family, I never really had the opportunity to enjoy random family barbecues and weekend get togethers. My cousin Kory and my older sis Niesha are both big family people and I’ve enjoyed getting a call or text from them saying “come over, we’re doing game night” or “we’re barbecuing.” These times are priceless and I will hold these memories close to my heart.


5. Wegman’s

If you know me in real life, you know that I am a food snob foodie. I love exploring new cuisines, flavors, seasonings, etc. I am devastated thinking about the fact that Wegman’s, my favorite grocery store will no longer be around the corner from me. I love Georgia but Pennsylvania wins when it comes to grocery stores/options. I’m praying that I’ll find a great farmer’s market in my area.

food-1 6. my church

So, my church REACH Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church is what I always dreamed of but never knew existed. It is small, missional, like a family and nothing is ever done without prayer first. The messages are Christ-centered, I love my pastor (intern pastors too), etc. I hate leaving them but I am excited to come back, visit and jump right back in because the mission is that important:

“Real Love restoring the world through you and me.”

7. living with my sister

Growing up, I NEVER thought my little sis and I would be roommates. Ever. For any reason. I mean, why would we? I was supposed to be done with college at 21 and married by 23, lol. Well, since life didn’t work out the way I thought it would in high school, I have found that good roommates are hard to come by. Well, living with Brook has been incredible. I have had a built-in bestie, stylist, “there’s no toilet paper in here can you bring me some?” chaser, shopping partner, gym buddy (sometimes, lol), dinner date and everything else. Living with her has been so much fun. Our apartment is filled with laughter and side eyes when we’re together. Until I get married, she’s my roomie of choice! Love you, Stinker!

8. watching my nieces and nephews grow up

I have a whopping 8 nieces and nephews from my older siblings. I became an aunt at the tender age of 4, and my nieces and nephews have always been a part of my life. Living close to them has given me the opportunity to treat them, help with projects, pour into them and offer advice. I’ll miss my 11 year old niece Amani asking me “are you sleeping over?” the second I walk in the door. I’ll miss my 17 year old niece Cierra asking me to drive her places lol. I’ll miss being apart of their daily lives.


9. townships (such an adult answer, lol)

Pennsylvania has what are called townships or towns. Pennsylvania counties are pretty large and encompass many cities, and the cities can sometimes encompass many townships. Many townships will have their own library, parks, school systems, police departments, etc. It’s nice to have a sense of community and for certain parts of the community to be run locally. The township I live in dates back to the 1700s so it has a rich history.

(not my township, but how awesome is this?)
(not my township, but how awesome is this?)

10. having so much to explore

Living here has forced me out of my homebody ways. I am one who sets routines and does those same things over again, frequenting the same businesses and I’m not always one to explore. Living in a new state has forced me to explore my surroundings. I’ve tried new restaurants, shopped in new stores, visited art galleries, gone sight seeing, visited tourist attractions, state parks, learned about the Amish, etc. Although there is still so much I could have seen, I’m so glad that I’ve learned to branch out and try new things. I can’t wait to learn all about my new community and find all of the treasures it has to offer.

My next blog post will definitely be written from Georgia. Your prayers would be appreciated as I still have lots to do and figure out before school starts in less than a month. Thanks for reading.



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  1. i know you’ll miss your fam, especially the baby…so glad God had u go there for that season, tho! btw, my husband says i’m a food snob, too. *shrugs* is it so much to enjoy the food we consume? lol. excited for the new things God’s doing in and through you, girl! 🙂

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