Getting Out of My Head

The hardest part about wanting to write is forcing myself to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper. Some of you may not have this issue, but I’m sure someone reading this can relate.

I am by nature a true overthinker. I take an ideas and boil it down into small particles, sometimes examining every possible outcome and aspect. At times, I even talk (or think) myself out of ideas because I assume everyone already knows it or they aren’t that valuable. My overthinking can be likened to the scene in Avengers: Infinity War when Dr. Strange looked into the future and found millions of possible outcomes for the situation the group was facing. The only difference is, I don’t have any super powers so my over analyzing never shows me anything new.

In this season of life, I am learning that it is okay to do my thinking on paper. I don’t have to keep the ideas bottled up until they are perfected before sharing them. I don’t have to have everything sorted out before I start to create. Ideas don’t have to be a final destination; they can indeed be a starting point. Growth can come from dialogue, but there can be no dialogue if I am not sharing ideas.

My goal for the next few months is to share more, even if I still want to ponder. There has to be a starting point and this short post (that was imagined weeks ago) is this overthinker’s step one.

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