Courtship & Dating

Define The Relationship – Summit College

I Don’t Wait Anymore – Grace for the Road

Man Enough To Love A Real Woman – Joshua Rogers

Questions to Ask When Preparing for Marriage  – John Piper

Settling – Scott Craft

Seven Myths Single Women Believe – Susan H. Gosselin

True Love Does More Than Just Wait – Claire and Eli

We Can Be Friends – Mrs. Rich

What If The One Never Comes – Sharona Drake

Boy Meets Girl series – Louie Giglio

This series really blessed me because it is less about relationships and more about Jesus than most I’ve heard before. Giglio goes through the various steps of relationships leading up to marriage, as well as identifying crucial issues that each person who wants to be married should think about.

In The Beginning

Pulling Together or Drifting Apart

Still Dating Dad

Waiting Here for You part 1

Waiting Here for You part 2

The Marriage Myth

The Love, Sex & Dating series – Jeremy Foster

The Love, Sex & Dating series from Pastor Foster is a great series. The series consists of 6 messages that touch on many topics involving relationships, honor, “the one” myth, purity, shacking up, accountability and honoring Christ. Plus, Pastor Jeremy is a fan of 90s love songs. He’s funny. Check out this series. 

Love, Sex & Dating part 1 

Love, Sex & Dating part 2

Love, Sex & Dating part 3

Love, Sex & Dating part 4

Love, Sex & Dating part 5

Love, Sex & Dating part 6