New blog feature: Resource Library

Good afternoon friends,

I hope that you are all well. I wanted to write a short blurb about something that I’ve worked really hard on to be of service to you. When I’m looking up different topics and issues related to living as a Christian young adult, I come across many great resources. I find free e-books, sermons, videos, booklets, articles, blog posts, music and more. Some of the resources that I’ve come across online have been exactly what I needed to read at a particular time in life, and I feel that it’s only fitting to make these resources available to those who may come to my blog looking for insight on a particular topic.

So today, I formally welcome you to check out Where He Makes All Things Beautiful’s new resource library. Feel free to browse, explore and share. A friend of mine already started a book group from a great free resource she found there and it’s helping many of the women in a tremendous way. Also, if there is ever a particular topic you may be looking for Godly counsel or advice on, feel free to comment somewhere on the blog or use the Say Hello feature to ask me. More than likely, I know of something that can help.

God bless you and have an awesome day!



“Don’t marry a …

“Don’t marry a marginally-Christian man. Some women want to be married enough that they’re willing to settle for this man who is just squeaking by. ‘He says he’s a Christian, I don’t think he can provide any spiritual leadership at all, I don’t even know if he’s solid but he just says the right words.’ I just want to encourage women, pray that God would lead to a man you can trust; a deeply Christian man.

A great quote from Pastor John Piper on the kind of men women should marry. Full message here.